d33 Calibrator



Piezoelectric Ceramic d33 Calibrator



The d33 calibrator is a special instrument for directly measuring the piezoelectric constant d33 values of piezoelectric ceramics, polymers, and single crystals. This meter can also measure the d33 values in various single crystal directions for crystals such as lithium niobate, quartz and tourmaline. It is also capable of measuring the d33 value over a very large range, at high resolution, and with a high degree of reliability. The measurement is quick and easily made with a minimum amount of training required. Specimens of a variety of sizes and shapes can easily be accommodated and measured. For example, the d33 value of disks, blocks, rings, tubes, and semispherical shells can be measured using the d33 meter. The direct d33 value readout is displayed on a 3.5 inch digital display. This instrument is invaluable as a tool for quality assurance of piezoelectric materials, production in-line inspection, and for research applications.






D33 Range:
x 1 range:
10 to 2,000pC/N
x 0.1 range:
1 to 200pC/N
x 1 range:
± 2% of the d33 value in 100 to 2,000pC/N
± 5% of the d33 value in 10 to 200pC/N
x 0.1 range:
± 2% of the d33 value in 10 to 200pC/N
± 5% of the d33 value in 1 to 20pC/N
x 1 range:
x 0.1 range:
110Hz Amplitude
Polarity Indication:
Indicates polarity on upper face of test element in compression
Shunt Capacitance:
x 1 range:
1 pF
x 0.1 range:
Force Head Dimensions:
110mm x 140mm
Chassis Dimensions:
280mm x 200mm x 90mm
Force Head Weight:
Chassis Weight:
110/220V , 50/60Hz , 20W