Lowest Prices in Industry

Because our factories are located in China we can offer some of the lowest prices on piezo products in the market. Our China factories combined employ over one thousand people which work in eight facilities that total 350 thousand square feet of space. They use state-of-the art equipment and their large volume capability of hundreds of millions of components and hundreds of tons of material which they can produce annually ensures that you will be getting some of the lowest possible prices. If you currently buy piezo products from another supplier let us try to win your business by beating their price and saving you money.

A Long History of Being a Trusted Supplier

Sinoceramics has been a trusted supplier of piezo products for over 25 years. It has earned a strong reputation in the marketplace as a reliable source of these products for numerous companies in many different market areas such as medical, industrial, consumer and others. We are proud of its record of providing high quality products with excellent reliability in a timely manner.

Comprehensive Range of Piezo Products

We supply a wide range of piezo products including piezoceramics of various compositions, geometries and electrode types and patterns, piezo benders such as unimorph and bimorph equivalent, ultrasonic transducers of various types, accelerometers, piezo instrumentation, piezo component testing such as d33 meters and much more. We provide standard off-the-shelf products as well as custom piezo solutions for our customers. Pease contact us with any of your piezo needs.