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Sinoceramics manufactures and fabricates advanced ceramics and ceramic components such as insulators. We provide engineering support and specialize in post-fire machining and grinding to tight tolerances.

Sinoceramics offers a broad range of materials to meet your needs. Our application engineers are available to help you determine the most cost effective cramic to meet your design requirements; whether it be for: extreme high temperature stability, low thermal expansion, hardware resistant suffices, electrical insulation, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, or light weight to strength ratios. These products come at a cost to performanceratio which will provide significant savings over conventional materials. We welcome your inquiries and stand ready to assist in selecting the most effective choice of material and design.

Sinoceramics has a variety of manufacturing capabilities to suit your seramic requirements. Some of these capabilities include: dry pressing, isostatic pressing, green machining, kiln firing, post fire grinding, injection molding, lapping, polishing, glazing, plating, and bonding. We supply automotive, semi-conductor, vacuum, pharmaceutical, bio medical, pumps and shafts, packaging, aerospace, paper pulp, bottling, laser and flat panel industries.

We offer a broad range of materials and capabilities. We assist in CAD design, and provide in-house engineering capabilities to manufacture extremely tight tolerance parts. Our accumulated experience in innovation and the fabrication of ceramic parts is at your disposal. You can count on us to provide dependable service and we are dedicated to meeting on time delivery schedules. We will gather the necessary information and match the material that will economically fit your needs. Our knowledge of advanced ceramic materials and part manufacturing can save you costly time and testing.