BGO Crystal

Bismuth germinate Bi4Ge3O12 commonly abbreviated as BGO, is the crystalline form of an inorganic oxide with cubic eulytine structure, colorless, transparent, and insoluble in water. When exposed to radiation of high-energy particles, or other sources, such as gamma rays and x-rays, it emits a green fluorescent light. The light has a peak wavelength of 480nm, with its high stopping power, high scintillation efficiency, good energy resolution, and non-hygroscopes. BGO is a good scintillation material and has found a wide range of applications in high energy physics, nuclear physics, space physics, nuclear medicine, geological prospecting, and other industries.




Luminous Efficiency: ~ 8000ph/Mev
Afterglow (after 3ms): 0.005%
Chemical Stability: Good
Hardness: 5 Mohs



Physical Properties of BGO

Density (g/m3):


Melting Point:


Parameter of Crystal Cell (A):

Refractive Index:
Radiation Length (cm):
Peak of Fluorescence Spectra (nm):


Decay time (ns):
Relative Light Output (%):
10-14Nal (T1)
Energy Resolution ( %):



Diameters: 2″ or 3″
Length: 1″ or 6″
Orientation: <110> , <100> , <001>



Armed with the expertise of crystal growth accumulated in the past years, Sinoceramics has developed an unique technology for BGO growing and scaled up into quantity production in the R&D Center of the institute. Now Sinoceramics has become a world-wide famous BGO producer to meet the customer’s demands in crystal quality, quantity, cost effectiveness, and delivery schedule. The boules up to 3″ dia x 6″ long or equivalent rectangular shape can be cultivated and crystal components with different shapes can be provided as required.