Dielectric Coated Mirror

  • For high power / high energy laser system application
  • Dichroitic Mirror from Harmonic separators
  • Output coupling coated for solid state laser
  • Broadband mirror for UV, VIS, NIR application
  • OEM design is available



Substrate Material: BK7, Fused Silica, Pyrex
Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.2mm
Thickness Tolerance: ± 0.2mm
Surface Quality: 20-10 for laser application
Surface Quality: 60-40 for instrumental application
Flatness: Up to λ /10 @ 633nm
Coating: R ≥ 99.8% , 0° AOI
Coating: R ≥ 99.5% , 45° AOI



Round Plate
From 3mm – 400mm diameter
Square Plate
From 1x1mm – 300x300mm
Elliptical Plate
Up to 100x141mm
Round Concave Lens
Radii from R 1mm to R 10,000mm
Right Angle Prism
From 3x3mm – 80x80mm